Free Entries

Aberdeen AAC members who attended the AGM in November may recall that a request from the floor was made to the committee to consider free entries for members to club championship events.  This item was added to the agenda of the December committee meeting and discussed.  The committee agreed, in principle, that club members would receive free entry to club track and field championship events hosted by AAAC.  Non-track and field events will be considered separately.

Once the processes for free entries were investigated, it quickly became obvious that the necessary administration would be onerous, a significantly increased burden for an admin team already in need of further volunteer assistance.  Essentially, the club does not have enough volunteers to provide these free entries to AAAC members (and not, non-members) while maintaining a high level of efficiency in the planning and delivery of competitions and hosting competitions of an acceptable frequency and depth.

To foster member satisfaction and value for membership, the committee will implement a partial solution for 2019 while continuing to investigate options for free entries in the future:

  • the club will continue to use Entry Central for competition entries;
  • midweek competitions will be free (for all competitors);
  • weekend competitions will still have a per event fee (for all competitors).

The committee has opted for this solution to balance income and expenses.  The club’s expenses for the midweek OGMs are minimal, but significant costs are associated with the major weekend competitions, primarily the exclusive track booking fees.

Members and parents can help facilitate progress toward free entries by volunteering to help at competitions and fundraising for the club.

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