Distance Coaching Structure

A set of distance running squads train at AAAC for athletes from age 12. In line with the club Coaching Structure, each squad caters for a specific level which defines a broad age range, ability and expected participation level. As athletes progress in age, ability and participation level, promotion will see them offered further opportunities.

AAAC Distance Structure 2

Progression Between Groups
Athlete progression will generally take place in March or September at club progression windows, preferably the latter. Regression is also possible, considering circumstances. Factors considered are split between Hard and Soft as specified below.

Hard factor – adherence required for each squad:

  1. Competition participation level

Soft factors – guidelines considered for progression:

  1. Age
  2. Personal best
  3. Training participation

As per existing progression window arrangements, individual athletes can put themselves forward. Coaches will, however, consider all athletes based on the above factors. Progression outwith a window is possible in exceptional circumstances.

The coach/coaches specified in the flow diagram lead each group.  Coaches dictate sessions and plans, and advise athletes within their squad. Like athletes, transfer of coaches is possible during progression windows, preferably September.