Volunteers are essential to AAAC’s existence.  Without volunteers, AAAC could not deliver training sessions or present competitions nor have any semblance of organization.  Thus, all new members and their families are invited to volunteer their time, sharing their expertise in support of the club.  The club will help support those who wish to become coaches and/or officials, but there are numerous other ways to help as well.  Consider how you might contribute to the club and complete and submit the volunteer form found here.

Welfare Officer
The club currently has one welfare officer, but in an attempt to be more proactive, the committee would like to have a second officer in place.  The committee would be happy to facilitate and pay for the required courses.  For further information or to volunteer contact Brian at

While there are no current vacancies per se on the committee, the club may co-opt additional ordinary committee members throughout the year.  If you would like to have a leadership role with the club and help guide its direction, please contact Brian at

The club has a constant need for volunteer officials.  No previous experience or knowledge is necessary.  Various roles are available and the club will provide training, both on-the-job or formal courses.  You may find more details here and here.  Contact Emma at for more details or to volunteer.

If you would like to support the club as a coach contact Ruth at