How much is a membership?  Click here.

How do I pay for a membership?  Once a space in a coaching group has been confirmed, a link to an online registration form will be shared with you.  You can make the payment online at the time of registration.

How much is an AAAC vest?  £20.  Find more details about kit here.

In what events can my child compete?  Click here and here for general information.  For specifics, speak to your child’s coach or team manager.

Are particular competitions recommended to athletes or is it up to the athlete to decide?  Coaches will recommend competitions, however athletes can certainly have input as well.

How do I enter my child in these competitions?  For events that AAAC hosts, we typically use Entry Central.  For team competitions, someone from AAAC will register our team of athletes.  For Scottish or UK Championships, you must register individually on the organisations’ respective websites.

Does each athlete have their own training plan/record from weekly training and competitions, filled in by coaches which athletes/parents can maintain?  The younger athletes all follow a similar development training plan.  As athletes progress through the club, their coaches will give them and individual programme.  All results will be recorded on the Power of 10 website.

Is transportation available for competitions further afield?  AAAC arranges for buses to all club team competitions.  For other competitions, entered as an individual, the athlete will have to arrange for their own transportation.

Do athletes attend Monday training sessions after a Sunday competition?  Athletes can attend on Mondays after Sunday competitions and will likely be given a recovery session.  Some athletes take the day off.

Does the club host adult sessions and what is the standard to join?  Adults do not need to meet a certain standard.  For details on our distance running group, click here.  For interest in other events, complete a contact enquiry.