New Members

Welcome to Aberdeen Amateur Athletic Club!
AAAC’s purposes are the promotion of interest and community participation in the sport of athletics in the city of Aberdeen and the surrounding area and the provision or organisation of recreational activities and/or facilities for training and competition with a view to improving the conditions of life for those for whom the activities and/or facilities are intended.  Membership shall be open to anyone interested in the sport on application regardless of sex, disability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or other beliefs.

AAAC is led by a constitutionally-defined board of trustees, consisting of volunteers elected at the annual general meeting in the autumn of each year.  The board is supported by two paid part-time officers, a club manager and a community development officer.

Further general information about the club, news, and helpful resources may be found here on the club’s website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  The club’s constitution, policies and procedures may be found in the Library.

Current details regarding AAAC membership are found here.  Please remember that you cannot compete without having first completed your forms and submitted your fees. Competing athletes are also required to be members of Scottish Athletics; applications may be completed online. Through our partnership, Aberdeen Sports Village provides an exclusive AAAC rate for a monthly ASV Lifestyle Membership.  Without a monthly membership, athletes are required to pay ASV a per-session usage fee to use their facilities.  See for further details or enquire in person.  Be sure to ask for the special rate and be prepared to show your AAAC membership card.

Athletes are also encouraged to register at Power of 10, ensuring that AAAC membership is noted.  This is especially important for second claim athletes.  Power of 10 is a useful tool for competing athletes, coaches, and club leadership, providing on overview of athlete performances and related rankings.

The Club expects all members, coaches, officials, volunteers, and parents/guardians to adhere to the Club Code of Conduct, which may be found here.

Volunteering and Fundraising
Volunteers are essential to AAAC’s existence.  Without volunteers, AAAC could not deliver training sessions or present competitions nor have any semblance of organisation.  Thus, all new members and their families are invited to volunteer their time, sharing their expertise in support of the club.  The club will help support those who wish to become coaches and/or officials, but there are numerous other ways to help as well.  Consider how you might contribute to the club and complete and submit the volunteer form found here.

While the club raises significant funds from annual member subscriptions, to continue to provide team transportation, coach and official support, among other things, the club must obtain outside sources of funding.  While AAAC seeks financial support through grants and corporate donations, members can also help in small ways.  Please visit our fundraising page to learn more.

AAAC’s welfare and child protection officer is Ben Nelson and may be contacted at 07975 806546 or  The welfare officer at Scottish Athletics is Morva McKenzie and may be contacted at or 07983 081122.  Further information regarding child protection and welfare as it relates to AAAC may be found here.

Details regarding AAAC coaches and coaching sessions may be found here.

When competing for the club, members must wear a club vest (2 red hoops on a white background). Details regarding obtaining club kit may be found here.

AAAC promotes all aspects of athletics, including track and field, road running, cross country, and hill running, competing in outdoor track and field and cross country leagues each year.

During the summer months, club teams participate in various leagues and individual competition is available at regional, Scottish and British events.  During the winter months, cross-country competition takes place both for teams and individuals.  Indoor track and field competitions, road running and mountain running competitions are also on offer for AAAC athletes.  Our winter and summer fixtures may be found on the club’s events calendar and also on the Events page at

Please note, teams are chosen by the team managers for a number of competitions from those athletes who say they are available.  It is the athlete’s responsibility to inform the appropriate team manager that they are available to compete.  For the Grampian League the club will take everyone who wishes to go, although some may have a non-counting score.

Refer to Age Groups, Explained to determine what age group you are in.

To find possible competition opportunities, refer to Competition Opportunities.