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AAAC XC Coaching
Club members of any age and ability are welcome to attend training opportunities at Balgownie Playing Fields, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen. These sessions take place on Saturday mornings during weekends that clash with no significant XC events. Further session on weekdays are also scheduled during Christmas holidays.

Details of 2020-2021 sessions and plans are summarised below:

AAAC XC Sessions 2020-21 Instructions

Oct-Jan 20-21 XC Training


Members must register interest in participating at Scottish Athletics Cross Country fixtures. The club will arrange entries for these and details will be emailed to AAAC participants ahead of each event.

Members must also register if they are to be in attendance at a xc training session where a time trial is planned. As above, details will be emailed to members ahead of attendance.

Registration form is as below. It will be updated as the season progresses and opportunities develop. For competitive fixtures, the form specifies entry deadlines, but typically, entries will be submitted to Scottish Athletics approximately 3 weeks ahead of fixture date. For training time trials, attendees must submit the form by the Wednesday beforehand. Those who fail to register in time will miss out.

AAAC XC Registration 2020/21

XC Registration 2020_21 (Responses)


AAAC XC Time Trial 1 Results

AAAC XC Time Trial 2 Results

AAAC Track Time Trial 1 Results

Girls Nat Champs 2020