Access AAAC


Aberdeen AAAC offers a reduction to club membership fees to both qualified adult and child club members.  The adult member, child member, or parent/guardian of the child member must receive one of the following benefits to be eligible:

  • Asylum or refugee status
  • Attendance allowance
  • Bereavement allowance
  • Carers allowance
  • Council tax benefits
  • Disability living allowance
  • Income related employment and support allowance
  • Guardians allowance
  • Impaired hearing/visually impaired
  • Home education
  • Housing benefit
  • Long term incapacity benefit
  • Income support
  • Industrial injuries disablement benefit
  • Learning disability
  • Personal independence payment
  • Physical disability
  • Universal credit
  • Widowed parents allowance
  • Working tax credit with an income under £16,105 per annum
  • Access to Leisure
  • Free school lunches

Applicants must submit evidence of qualifying benefits, dated within 3 months prior to application, along with the AAAC membership form to the club membership secretary when joining or renewing membership.  Photocopies will be accepted. 

Each application will be considered individually and must be approved by the AAAC committee.