2018 Summer Season
The link below is for the AAAC 2018 summer fixture list. The list covers the league fixtures that the club competes in, all the AAAC summer open meetings at ASV, as well as some of the district and national championships. A more comprehensive fixture list can be found on the Scottish Athletics web page.

AAAC 2018 fixture list

To select the various teams, team managers need to know which athletes are available for each match.  If you or your child would like to be selected for any of the summer league fixtures, it is vital that you complete and submit the appropriate availability form below. The same forms can be used throughout the summer if circumstances change.

Male Availability Form

Female Availability Form

AAAC Cross Country Competition
Aberdeen AAC is one of Scotland’s premier cross country clubs. AAAC won the AT Mays Memorial Trophy for the top team performance across all male categories in the 2018 national xc championships. The club positioned 7th overall for females in the East league and 2nd overall for males. Various medals were also won at single championship events, with several club members going on to represent Scotland internationally throughout the winter.

Every season, members are offered opportunities to participate in district and national cross country fixtures with subsidised transport provided.

Details for the 2018/19 season will become available around September, with the team organisation lead by the club xc subcommittee. Members will be able to express interest in participating at district and national events as the season approaches.

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British Indoor Champs 2018

Naomi Lang, Armagh 5k 2018