Welcome to the Aberdeen AAC community!
Parents making initial contact with AAAC on behalf of their children, should first visit Coaching.  If this page does not answer your questions, please submit an enquiry via Contact.

Otherwise, please explore our website; answers to most of your questions may be found here.  You may find it most helpful to visit New MembersMembershipCalendar, and FAQ.  For all unanswered questions, please complete the form at Contact.

What you can expect from Aberdeen AAC:

  • Safety
  • Fun!
  • Social environment
  • Health and fitness
  • Competition opportunities
  • Value for money
  • Experienced coaches and thus, skill development
  • Personal development, life skills

Getting Involved
Aberdeen AAC would not exist without its volunteers.  With the exception of the two paid, part-time officers, everyone supporting the club is doing so as a volunteer: coaches, officials, board, etcetera.  Specifically, the club relies greatly on its parents.  The club is happy to support new coaches and officials–a constant need.  However, parents might contribute in a variety of ways.  Please consider what skills you have that would benefit the club.  Then, you may start a conversation with Brian at, including a completed Parent Volunteer Form if you wish.