Thank you Rachel, Sheryl and the Camerons!

More Aberdeen AAC members have been acknowledged for representing the club’s core values.  To learn how you can nominate fellow club members and volunteers for their support of the club, read this.

Rachel 2Sheryl said “Rachel really goes above and beyond to ensure that coaches and athletes feel supported at all times. Her dedication and commitment to the club, athletes, and coaches is outstanding.” Thus, she has exemplified the core value of INCLUSION.

DSC_0626 2

Well done, Sheryl, for exemplifying the core value of COMMUNITY! Rachel says Sheryl is a dedicated, new coach who rewards her athletes (with stickers) for doing well. She has a strong desire to improve and has already shown herself to be a high quality coach.

The Camerons have exemplified the club’s core value of FUN! by being funny, engaging, and motivational coaches.

DSC_0177 2.jpg

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