2018 London Marathon

The public ballot entry system for the 2018 Virgin Money London Marathon opens on Monday 1 May and closes at 17:00 on Friday 5 May 2017. The ballot will be open for five days to give everyone who wants to enter the event a fair chance to do so.

London has one other category that could be useful for some members called Good for Age, where the sliding scale of full marathon times by gender and age bands can ensure some runners are guaranteed places and can avoid the ballot.

Kit Manager

At summer’s end, AAAC will be in need of someone to manage our stock of club kit.  By that time, the obligations should be much less than previously.  As we plan to go online with most of our kit, the manager will only be maintaining and selling vests and crop tops.  This person would need to be available to sell items at ASV once or twice weekly and/or by appointment.  There is always back up support as others will have access to the kit as well.

Please consider serving your club through this small but essential task.  If you have interest or questions, you may contact Brian at clubmanager@aberdeenaac.co.uk or speak to Emma Williams, Sally Waite, or Mark Davidson.