Annual Satisfaction Survey Results

Thanks to all the AAAC members who responded to the annual satisfaction survey.  There were 31 of you.

The overall satisfaction rating was 8.5 out of 10.  Thus, it appears the club is doing well, and members are happy.

More specifically, based on the feedback, the club is doing well with:

  • inclusion and accommodation;
  • regular communication and sharing of information;
  • organisation, especially with cross country, events, general/administration;
  • being friendly and fun, creating a team spirit;
  • coaching, training, and athlete development;
  • competition opportunities;
  • value for money.

(Please note that most of the club’s core values are represented!)

As one might expect from the overall positivity of the survey responses, the constructive feedback had no common theme, so it would be impractical to share it in all this post.  However, specific items of feedback have been shared with the appropriate club leaders so they may act on it.

If you would like to expand on any feedback you personally submitted, please contact a committee member or club officer.


AAAC Athlete Transfer Opportunity

Dear AAAC Athlete,

Twice a year – end of summer season in September and end of winter season in March – you are offered the opportunity to inform the club coaching team if you would like to add additional athletics events to your training schedule or move to a different core training group.

After we have collected requests, the coaching team will meet to discuss requests and offer what they feel are appropriate and practical options.  We may not be able to meet all requests but will endeavour to do so.  If you feel satisfied with your existing training arrangements, you do not have to return this.  Any other comments, please let us know.

Please return this form to Ruth Watson, AAAC Pathways Development Officer, by Monday 4th March 2019.

Next Club Intake of Young Athletes

The next intake of young athletes into the club is at the end of March. You need to be at least 9 years old to join the club. If your child wishes to join, please could you and your child attend an induction meeting on Monday 18th March at 7pm in the seminar room at ASV (top of stairs).

For further information and to register that you will be attending, please contact

AAAC Transition to Charity

Scottish Athletics advises all clubs to review their legal status annually. Should club circumstances change, the club can adapt accordingly. Considering this, your club officers recently reviewed the various options available to AAAC, subsequently presenting a summary and proposal to the club’s committee for consideration.

As some of you may be aware, AAAC is currently a community amateur sports club (CASC) which is a tax scheme. This means the club has some tax advantages, like a charity.

The club is not incorporated, thus is not a legal entity. This means that members, likely the committee, may be held personally liable, and the club cannot own property, sign legal documents, or run a payroll. (Scottish Athletics manages the payroll for AAAC’s club manager and pathways development officer.)

The committee has concluded that the club would benefit from a transition to a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO). As a SCIO, the club would have further tax advantages and the personal liability would be minimal to nil. The club could potentially own property, sign contracts, and run a payroll. SCIOs also have more potential for fund raising through Gift Aid and corporate donations, and access to more and bigger grants.

There appears to be somewhat of a trend among athletics clubs and other sports clubs becoming SCIOs. While AAAC should not just follow the crowd, AAAC has a tradition of being progressive and a leader among athletics clubs. There may be no current or urgent reason for AAAC to change but doing so could create opportunities for the future. Despite being over 60 years old, being a SCIO might also improve the club’s sustainability.

The first step in this process that the committee has agreed to begin is to hold an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) so that the greater club membership may vote for or against the transition. If the club were to choose to become a SCIO, the process would take several months to a year and require a team effort. However, AAAC would have great support from ACVO, Scottish Athletics, and likely, other clubs.

The club committee and officers are continuing investigation into the process prior to making specific plans for an EGM. Please watch for future news on this project. In the meantime, should you have questions to ask or specific advice or expertise to offer, please speak to a committee member or club officer.

Free Entries

Aberdeen AAC members who attended the AGM in November may recall that a request from the floor was made to the committee to consider free entries for members to club championship events.  This item was added to the agenda of the December committee meeting and discussed.  The committee agreed, in principle, that club members would receive free entry to club track and field championship events hosted by AAAC.  Non-track and field events will be considered separately.

Once the processes for free entries were investigated, it quickly became obvious that the necessary administration would be onerous, a significantly increased burden for an admin team already in need of further volunteer assistance.  Essentially, the club does not have enough volunteers to provide these free entries to AAAC members (and not, non-members) while maintaining a high level of efficiency in the planning and delivery of competitions and hosting competitions of an acceptable frequency and depth.

To foster member satisfaction and value for membership, the committee will implement a partial solution for 2019 while continuing to investigate options for free entries in the future:

  • the club will continue to use Entry Central for competition entries;
  • midweek competitions will be free (for all competitors);
  • weekend competitions will still have a per event fee (for all competitors).

The committee has opted for this solution to balance income and expenses.  The club’s expenses for the midweek OGMs are minimal, but significant costs are associated with the major weekend competitions, primarily the exclusive track booking fees.

Members and parents can help facilitate progress toward free entries by volunteering to help at competitions and fundraising for the club.


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2019 AAAC Subscriptions

Membership runs from 1 January to 31 December each year and should be renewed by 31st January 2019. Those who have not paid by 31 January are deemed to have resigned from the club.

Members who have yet to renew your membership: please do so at your earliest convenience. You can find a form to complete here.  The password has been emailed to you.  Please follow the instructions on the form.