2021 AAAC AGM & Prize Giving

The 2021 Aberdeen Amateur Athletic Club AGM will be held via Zoom on Friday the 12th of November at 7:00PM, followed by the annual prize giving. Please plan to attend.

  • The Zoom invitation will be sent by email, to members only.
  • The 2021 agenda may be found here.
  • The 2020 AGM minutes may be found here (the password will be sent to members by email).
  • The club committee is proposing a few edits to the constitution which they kindly ask members to support. The draft of the document with these edits may be found here.

Of course, a new committee will be elected. All club members aged 14 years and older are eligible. If you would consider volunteering for the committee and helping guide the club, please contact a committee member or Brian at ClubManager@AberdeenAAC.co.uk to learn what roles might be avalable and how you might contribute to the club.

The proposed amendments to the club constitution are to help better reflect how the committee/club actually work, create some flexiblity and opportunity for possible future advances, and remove barriers to recruitment. Specifically:

Clauses 12 and 15 will allow the club the flexibility in the future to take advantage of modern administrative tools and technology to change the club’s subscription structure, should the committee choose to propose this for approval by the members at some point. To be clear, this does not change the fee structure and members would still need to approve any changes at a general meeting. This just creates the flexibility to do so without having to change the constitution each time. Clause 15.2 creates the opportunity to remove what can be a barrier to recruiting for various roles in the club.

Clause 23 is proposed to better reflect the roles in the club and their obligations. All the same information will be shared at AGMs. This just gives the flexibility of who might be delivering the reports. It also simplifies the paragraph. For example, constitutional amendments and subscriptions will still be covered under “other business” (and will still require member approval.)

Clauses 32 and 71 are modified to specifically include the capacity for holding/attending meetings remotely.

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