Virtual Officials Courses

The need for local officials has never been greater. To help club volunteers get more experience or qualified, Scottish Athletics are running online virtual courses in May:

👉🏻 Wednesday 19 May, Level 1 Track Course
👉🏻 Monday 31 May, Level 1 Field Course Part 1
👉🏻 Monday 7 June, Level 1 Field Course Part 2

⭐️ All courses will be delivered via Zoom, running 6:30-9PM. Booking details are here. Space is limited, so sign up early.

💷 AAAC will reimburse our volunteers for these courses.

🤔 If AAAC volunteers want to attend a course, but cannot manage these dates, please email Brian at There may be an opportunity for AAAC to host our own course if we have enough interest.

👍🏻 Any new volunteer officiating at a Together Apart competition or a local club competition before they undertake an official’s course, can count those experiences towards their officials’ level 1 licence.

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