Pay It Forward!

Help Aberdeen Amateur Athletic Club jumpstart our Community Development Programme with the vision of supporting positive change in the community through athletics.

We want to take athletics sessions into the communities of Aberdeen where these opportunities do not currently exist, initially Inchgarth, Torry, and Sheddocksley.  The sessions will be fun, develop confidence, improve physical and mental health, and will engage members of the local community.  In addition to all the benefits of participation in sport and physical activity, through our partnerships, we hope to also contribute in a small way to tackling other challenges faced in the local communities, e.g. supporting vulnerable families, reducing inequalities, and improving skills and learning for young people.

Please help us to deliver these free sessions and to have a positive influence in the communities of Aberdeen. Donate here.

Share this link with friends, family, and colleagues. Ask your business or employer to match your donation.

£1500 will allow us to get started, providing an initial 10 weeks of weekly 1-hour sessions in each of the three communities.  The funding will help cover the costs of coaches, lets, and equipment.

Our intent is to start these sessions in the autumn of 2020.  Should COVID-19 or other circumstances prevent this, the funds will be used for the same purpose at a later date.

For more information on AAAC community development, email Ruth at

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