Club leaders continue to work on behalf of all AAAC members as we settle into phase 3 of lockdown relaxation. As you are certainly aware, this is a novel and ever-evolving situation. As such, the applicable guidance, its interpretation and implementation are changing often. This requires numerous discussions for clarity and this trickle-down of information takes time. We must ask for your continued patience and understanding, and for your trust that club leaders are doing everything possible and practical to enable a prompt and complete return to training and competition.

Please do this now, prior to returning to training:

1. Update your contact and medical details in the AAAC database.

2. Ensure you have paid your 2020 AAAC subscription.

3. Reactivate your ASV membership by sending an email to sport-admin@aberdeensportsvillage.com with “Unfreeze” in the subject line and quoting your ASV membership card number. (Details on starting new ASV memberships at the AAAC discounted rate will be shared as soon as they are available.)

4. Review this document: Return to Training (Phase 3).

Please watch for further communication via all the usual club media channels. If you have questions or comments for AAAC leaders, please email Brian at ClubManager@AberdeenAAC.co.uk.

Stay safe.

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