Following the unfortunate and regrettable cancelations of our 15th March Open Graded Meeting and the 4th April Spring Open, the AAAC committee have agreed to return the entry fees to those who specifically request a refund. AAAC can only refund the £3.00 per event entry fee. The 50p entry transaction fee cannot be refunded. This is retained by Entry Central to cover their administration costs.

If you would like your entry fees for the 15th March or the 4th April returned please contact the AAAC Club Manager, Brian Pahlmann, ( All Brian requires is your email address and a note of the events you had entered for the 15th March and 4th April.

AAAC committee have also agreed to donate any surplus funds to the local foodbank, Instant Neighbour. This charity is local to ASV and they are already reporting a massive reduction in donations as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. The donation will be made after all refunds and other costs associated with the meeting have been completed.

So that AAAC committee can make a speedy donation to the charity we ask that all refunds are requested by Friday 20th March.

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