Regrettably, and after careful consideration, Aberdeen AAC have decided to cancel the Open Graded meeting scheduled for Sunday the 15th of March.

As a result of the ongoing international COVID-19 crisis the committee had grave concerns there wouldn’t be enough officials to deliver the high standard of meeting the club have become renowned for. The committee agreed that they would rather cancel the meeting  than stage a meeting the athletes, parents and coaches would be disappointed with.

Alongside that the committee didn’t want our loyal, dedicated, officials and volunteers feeling they were obligated to attend the meeting while putting themselves at risk. The club value our volunteers and didn’t want to damage that relationship by putting them in an uncomfortable position.

We appreciate there will be many athletes, parents and coaches who are disappointed with this decision but we hope they understand that it has been made with the best intentions. AAAC will continue with the track booking 10:00am-12:30pm on Sunday. This will allow any athletes to use the facility, free of charge, to train if they so wish.

AAAC have their Spring Open scheduled for 4th April and the will continue to monitor the rapidly changing crisis and review this meeting at a future date.

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