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Fantastic Fanatics supports clubs through their new fundraising platform.  Aberdeen AAC is already registered.  Essentially, club members, coaches, athletes, officials–everyone who wants to see Aberdeen AAC succeed–signs up as a fan.  You then link your Visa/Mastercard, and just shop or eat with their retail partners, and AAAC gets a percentage of each transaction.  

Here are the current retail partners, with more coming soon.

It’s quick, easy, and safe.  It doesn’t cost you or the club anything.  There is really no reason not to!  Please take 2 minutes to sign up and start fundraising for the club, just spending normally.  Here’s how:

  1. Visit 
  2. Click/Tap Fans Sign Up Here!! 
  3. Enter your email address. 
  4. You will immediately receive an email. Click/Tap the link in the email which will take you to Fanzone Registration. 
  5. Enter your name, address, username, password, and agree to the Ts & Cs. 
  6. Create a PIN.
  7. Choose AAAC to support.
  8. Add your Visa and Mastercard numbers and expiration dates. 
  9. Shop/Eat with Fantastic Fanatics retail partners and support AAAC! 

Tip: create one account for the family and add everyone’s cards to the same account.

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