Thanks to all who made the AAAC winter indoor competitions happen.
These events along with the summer fixtures do not happen without the invaluable time and effort of club volunteers.

These are the helpers who helped for at least 10 hours at the winter events, earning vouchers as tokens of the club’s appreciation:

Alison Mathieson
Linda Kemp
Alison McGee
Teresa Hood
Gary Collins
George and Lesley Bethune
Colin Stuart
Ken Davies
Brian Brown
Pat and Vick Hockley
Richard Daniel
Linda and Andy Dobbie
Jim Davidson

Remember, volunteers will receive a voucher (or vouchers) according the following schedule:

10 hours = meal deal
20 hours= £10 gift voucher
35 hours = £20 gift voucher
50 hours or more = a meal for two at Union Square

If you help throughout the summer season at our AAAC events please remember to sign in and out to qualify for awards.

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