Highland Games Athletics

Paraphrased from the Scottish Highland Games Association:

“We run over 60 events from mid-May to mid-September and most have running in their programme. We only have two categories Youths 9yrs to 15yrs and adults 16yrs and over. We also run several leagues throughout the season with points being awarded for each event, and this year we are increasing the number of female leagues to try and encourage more females to get involved. Highland games have now been open for many years and therefore it is available to all comers.

Some events are scratch, but about 50% are handicap, which means that more runners will have the opportunity to do well even though they may not be the elite runners within their club, and that can encourage them to remain active in the sport.

We are aware that athletes first commitment will always be to their club, and it is not our intention to try and change that but merely let them be aware that if there is a free weekend or they have not been picked for the team, there is an alternative they may wish to consider, and we ensure them that they will be made very welcome.

The levels of competition and size of the event is quite variable, but normally a very good atmosphere and large crowds, and the opportunity to collect some reasonable prize money to offset travel costs etc.

There is a lot of information on our website www.shga.co.uk however if anyone requires more information please do not hesitate to contact: email secretary@shga.co.uk or telephone 01334 476305.”

Highland Games Fixtures

Highland Games Planner

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