Annual Satisfaction Survey Results

Thanks to all the AAAC members who responded to the annual satisfaction survey.  There were 31 of you.

The overall satisfaction rating was 8.5 out of 10.  Thus, it appears the club is doing well, and members are happy.

More specifically, based on the feedback, the club is doing well with:

  • inclusion and accommodation;
  • regular communication and sharing of information;
  • organisation, especially with cross country, events, general/administration;
  • being friendly and fun, creating a team spirit;
  • coaching, training, and athlete development;
  • competition opportunities;
  • value for money.

(Please note that most of the club’s core values are represented!)

As one might expect from the overall positivity of the survey responses, the constructive feedback had no common theme, so it would be impractical to share it in all this post.  However, specific items of feedback have been shared with the appropriate club leaders so they may act on it.

If you would like to expand on any feedback you personally submitted, please contact a committee member or club officer.

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