AAAC Funding Partners

Dear AAAC members and parents,

Your club leaders need your input and assistance. We seek potential commercial partners who are willing to provide financial support to Aberdeen AAC and our initiatives. We would also happily accept your assistance in making contact with potential partners.

The main driving force behind this has been the Photo Finish & Officials Training Room, what is intended to be AAAC’s home at ASV. However, the club would happily accept outside support for any of our ongoing projects, e.g. the AAAC Academy, coaching courses, officials courses.

Last autumn, the club committee retained the services of ThinkPR to help promote AAAC to the wider community. Hopefully, you have seen the press coverage on our members over the recent months. Now is the time to capitalise on this publicity and focus our contact with the community.

We are asking for three types of assistance:

1. We would be pleased to receive support directly from companies owned by our members and parents.
2. We need contact information for other potential commercial partners so that the club can reach out to them.
3. We are looking for volunteers to make contact with these potential partners, particularly those with whom you might work or have some other existing relationship.

If you can help, please contact:
Brian Pahlmann, club manager, at,
Mark Davidson, club president, at, or
Alan Dick, committee member, at

We can provide you with marketing materials to help guide your conversations.

Thank you for your support.

Mark Davidson
AAAC President

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