AAAC Primary Schools Championships

The AAAC Primary Schools Track and Field Championships will take place at Aberdeen Sports Village on Saturday 28th April.  Over 200 children from primary grades 4 to 7 are expected to compete.  Last year, students from 33 primary schools throughout Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire competed, resulting in the recruitment of 20 new AAAC members.  This competition is where many current and past members were first introduced to athletics competition, including current AAAC president and Commonwealth Games medallist, Mark Davidson.  The event will also attract a full stand of spectators including parents and family, teachers, and more children.

A small amount of funding is needed to make this event happen.  Can any members help with individual or business donations or by speaking to your employers?  Just £500 would make a big difference.

If you can help, contact AAAC’s Pathways Development Officer, Ruth Watson, at

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