AAAC Needs Your Help

One of Aberdeen AAC’s core values is “Performance & Competition, striving to achieve one’s personal best.” Training is important, but competitions measure the effectiveness of the training. This is where AAAC members play their sport, where their hard work comes to fruition. That is why AAAC hosts and/or facilitates the delivery of competitions.

Often, the limiting factor in AAAC’s ability to deliver these events is the number or qualifications of available officials. Without adequate officials, the competitions cannot be held. In fact, there have been cancellations in the recent past. Currently, we have a major shortage. Looking forward into the next few years, if this shortage is not remedied, then AAAC open graded meetings may be completely eliminated from the event schedule.

We need your help. We need officials. We are not asking for a huge commitment and the more volunteers we have, the less commitment needed from each volunteer. Informal taster sessions are being planned for motivated members and parents to learn more about helping with field and track events, timekeeping, administration, and photo finish. Details are forthcoming.

In the meantime, for more information or to voice your interest, contact the AAAC Officials Coordinator, Emma Williams, at or 07872 354117.

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