Rag Bags Collection

AAAC is currently collecting Rag Bags to help with our fundraising.  Collection will run from Monday 8th May until Wednesday 17th May.   Please leave bags at the door leading out to the outdoor track on club nights, Mondays and Wednesdays. This is a great way to help the club while clearing out your wardrobes.

What We Collect
Through Rag Bag you are able to recycle textiles and clothing that may have ended up going to a landfill. It is estimated that approximately 1.75 million tonnes of clothing waste is produced in the UK every year.  Out of this vast tonnage around 1.2 million tonnes is sent unnecessarily to a landfill.

If we can divert some of this tonnage away from landfills we will directly help the environment and help provide good quality clothing to some of the poorest developing nations in the world.  Whether you participate in the Rag Bag collections or have an external or internal recycling bank you are able to recycle the following items.

We can accept:
•     Wearable Clothing
•     Paired Shoes
•     Handbags
•     Belts

We cannot accept:
•    Workwear
•    Wet/Soiled Clothes
•    Curtains
•    Towels
•    Duvets or Duvet Covers
•    Pillows or Pillow Cases
•    Blankets
•    Table Cloths
•    Linens
•    Cushions
•    Carpets
•    Suitcases
•    Books
•    Bric a Brac
•    Clothes Hangers
•    Electricals

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